Development of Quantum Cryptographic Techniques for Enhancing Security on VHDL Technology

Concepts from BB84 algorithm which is using for the encryption and the decryption ( key generating concepts),Developing own gate name is QX-NOR for the same purpose in the VHDL , FPGA field .I have manage and generate the whole project and generate code in the 3 different software and implement own gate own is QX-NOR gate for VLSI Technology.I have manage and help to generate the whole project and code in the 3 different software Xillinx, Modelsim, Qurtus.


Traffic control system based on VHDL technology for RTO Project of Government of Russia

GUI software designed to communicate with client’s Fire Alarm Monitoring System. The software allows users to draw map of the premises where the system is installed. Upon detection of Fire, the software provides audio-visual indication of this condition and also displays shortest-path from Fire station to the affected area. It includes several other features like maintaining a log of events. It is marine communication equipment. It uses GPS and sensors for identifying own position and inform it to other ships over radio communication link.


MATLAB Project for verb lexicon model for deep sentiment analysis and opinion mining application

A lexicon model for the description of verbs to be used in applications likesentiment analysis and opinion mining. Verbs areconsidered as the core of the sentence as they nameevents or states with participants expressed by theother elements in the sentence. We consider thedetailed and subtle subjectivity relations that existbetween the different participants as part of themeaning of a verb that can be modelled in a lexicon.


A 0.07 CMOS Flash Analog-to-Digital Design Method and Automation of Comparator Generation for Flash A/D Converter

A CMOS flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC) designed for high speed and low voltage is presented. Using the Threshold Inverter Quantization (TIQ) comparator tech- nique, a flash ADC can be applied to low supply voltage. A fat tree encoder that has signal delay of O(log2 N) is used for performance.


CMOS VLSI design and simulation of the 8 bit IIR digital notch filter chip based on all-pass lattice structure

The digital notch filter is useful for removing single frequency interference from single, such as an unmodulated carrier in communication system etc. Digital filters can be implemented in software in the form of a program running on general purpose computer or a DSP processor. It can also be implemented in the form of a dedicated chip or hardware.