Esoftronics  is a leading electronics project design, development and services division of Caresoft Software and Web Technologies. Caresoft Software and Web Technologies is working from 2003 in design, development & hosting of software and website. The professionals with industrial experience in VLSI technology, Embedded technology, Real Time Software, Process Control and Industrial Electronics held the Esoftronics team which was formed in 2013. The team is the pioneers in design and development of Embedded system, VLSI technology, Software development in all VHDL and Verilog Languages, Compilers for micro-controllers within India. Talented professional in the field of Embedded Hardware, software design and development toil to reach its excellence.

Esoftronics has worked with critical and innovative projects. The website is committed to improving industrial and technical support to the community through technical expertise and knowledge to the Embedded system, VLSI and Electronics engineering and information technology sector.

Since 2013, team also started offering design and development services. This includes a complete spectrum of activities in product development life cycle that is idea generation, requirement gathering to prototype making, testing. Team has so far provided product design services for various sectors which include the Industrial automation, Automotive, Students, Professionals.

Our Services

Esoftronics is a privately held division focused on embedded system and VLSI Design technology services. We provide services in Product Design and development. We cover the complete lifecycle from project definition, initial design and development through deployment. A wide range of embedded projects are been carried out for the industrial verticals such as Industrial Automation, Telecom, Automotive, IT professionals.

The services are offered for hardware as well as software. That is from schematic entry to PCB layout design and prototyping. Software services include understanding and documenting user requirement to actual Software design, implementation, testing and delivery. The cost optimization for volume production and quality assurance is the key service provided by the Esoftronics.

Our expertise

  • Programmable Devices: FPGA, CPLD from Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Lattice

  • HDL: Verilog and VHDL.

  • Microcontrollers: 8/16/32 bit– 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM7, CortexM3, ARM9…from various manufacturers: NXP, Atmel, Cirrus Logic and Freescale.

  • DSP processors: Analog Devices, TI

  • Firmware: C, C++, Assembler.

  • PC Software: MS VC++ / .NET / Java.

  • Linux user space applications: QT, KDE.

  • Linux kernel space: device driver development.

  • Embedded Linux: Porting, making complete BSP.

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, mCOS.